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Our values
We believe in a change, in another way of understanding the material culture and the relationship we have with the objects around us.

We understand DESIGN as a tool for social and environmental progress, assuming a critical eye in order to define new scenarios, more equitable, sustainable and humanised inspiring environments.

Human Centered Design drive us, with the talent and creativity as a universal value.


Taking action to promote change

Justmakeroom is an editor of objects where good design, beauty and user experience is based on the relationship with the user.

Faced with a panorama of banal products that promote the culture of throw away focused on huge profits, in Justmakeroom we design enduring, timeless, optimized and high quality objects: think of things for people.

We claim savoir faire culture, one that promotes expertly constructed objects based on tradition and craftsmanship oriented develop local culture and resources, opposed to massive productivity encouraged by fads and consumerims.

Focused on the habitat environment, Justmakeroom serves as a platform for new talent designers who propose a review of the relationship we have with our objects.

We value the vision of young talents who bring creativity, beauty, fun and functionality equally. We are aware of the great changes and challenges facing today’s society and we intend to move away from industrial massification and corporate interests.

We are driven by the passion and we love what we do


What do we do to change things?
In Justmakeroom we do exciting objetcs, objects that tell stories, well-designed, simple and easy to use.

Our products are made in small series, they are unique and exclusive.

If you are one of those people with sensitive and demanding items that you have your all arround and experiences that these objects offer you … Justmakeroom!

Contact us

T: +34 615 40 64 87 / +34 616 799 319

Avda de la Fama 15, 1ºA. 30006. Murcia. Spain
Monday to Friday from 10am- 6pm

Our team

  • Valentin Corbalan

    Design Manager & Designer

    Javier Mañas

    Creative Director & Designer

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