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Intelectual property of the web
All intelectual property rights of content on this web-site, including graphic desigh & source codes, are owned solely by JUSTMAKEROOM S.L.U. entitling us to the sole use of the rights of exploitation of the aforementioned intelectual property.
The total or partial reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation is therefore prohibited, without the express authorisation of JUSTMAKEROOM S.L.U. In the same way, all commercial names, brands or distinct symbols of any kind, contained on this web-site are protected by law.

Content of web and links
JUSTMAKEROOM S.L.U. will not accept responsibility for incorrect use of the content of our web-site, and the user who accesses any content will become solely responsible for any such use.
In the same way, we will not accept responsibility for the information contained in other web-sites which are accessible by links or search engines from the web-site.

Exchange or difusion of information
JUSTMAKEROOM S.L.U. Declines all responsibility which derives from the exchange of information between users through their web-sites. In particular, we will not be held responsible for the use of information by anyone below legal age, in the case where the content which has been accessed may be used to harm their feelings.

Updates and modifications of the web-site
JUSTMAKEROOM S.L.U. reserves all rights to update, modify or erase the information on its web-site as well as its configuration or presentation at any time, without previous notification and for this it accepts no responsibility.

Indications about technical aspects
JUSTMAKEROOM S.L.U. accepts no responsibility for any technical problems which may arise or for the failure of any computers which do not belong to our company, which are produced during connection to the Internet, or for any damage which may be caused by third parties by unauthorised interference which is uncontrollable by JUSTMAKEROOM S.L.U.

We are also exempt from all responsibility regarding any possible damage which may be suffered by the user in consequence of errors, faults or ommissions in the information provided by sources which are alien to JustMakeroom.

Personal Data Protection
According to the Spanish Law No. 15/1999, 13th December relating to the protection of data of a personal character, we inform you that any personal data provided will be included in an automated file for data of a personal character, created and maintained under the responsibility of JUSTMAKEROOM S.L.U.

The purpose of the aforementioned file is to facilitate processing of orders and to send commercial communications relating to products and services, only to those customers who have previously selected this option.

JUSTMAKEROOM S.L.U. guarantees the safety and confidentiality of any details provided by our customers. In this way, JustMakeroom complies with its obligation to keep details of a personal character secret and to adopt any necessary measures in order to prevent their unauthorized modification, loss or use. No information provided by our customers will be used for commercial purposes or forwarded for use by third parties.
JustMakeroom S.L.U. customers reserve the right to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at any time by contacting us here.

Secure access
A secure server is provided to JUSTMAKEROOM S.L.U customers to ensure a safe environment in order to access personal details, request information or purchase any of our products.

It is your responsibility to be able to install and to use any material supplied by JUSTMAKEROOM S.L.U.

The present general conditions are governed by the current Spanish legislation concerning this material, (Spanish Law No 34/2002, 11th July relating to electronic commerce) and the latter will be applied to any situation, which has not been foreseen in this section.
Disputes concerning the conclusion, validity, interpretation or implementation of the sales contract or of the current general terms and conditions are subject exclusively to spanish law and fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Murcia.
Users of our web-site are aware of, and voluntarily accept the conditions stated above.
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